Promotional objects and textile merchandising


Promotional Communication Objects, Point of Sale Material (PSM) and Textile Merchandising are the focus of MA Brand Objects.

Envision MA Brand Objects as an extension of your Marketing, Design, Production and National and International Logistics departments. Guarantee that your company has experts, innovation, certified processes, vertical production and the best promotional products, thus creating additional value.

We bring your ideas to life.


A vertical production system, both local and international, in parallel with our presence in the market for more than 19 years and with our global footprint, we have been able to offer our customers solutions that are appropriate to their needs with the quality adapted to their project.

MA Objects studies, designs, produces and delivers a value proposal suited to your needs.

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When the intangible becomes tangible.
We have a flexible operational capability that allows us to be your full-time partner. 
From creative proposals, that include skills in the graphic design, product and textile areas, as well as product engineering and the development of products that are unique and coherent with your corporate identity, we intend to present the best strategy to spread your message.


Through our global sourcing department, which we have been developing for over 19 years, we are able to obtain a wide range of suppliers that allows us to find the ideal solutions for your sector and target. We have been able to develop and guarantee global production with high quality and thoroughness regarding the service we provide, as well as innovate every year. Focused on procedures and transparency towards our clients, we get unparalleled results.


We have built a robust ecosystem, supported by rigorous procedures and work processes, that allow us to meet the deadline of our client's projects.
We identify your needs and answer with a comprehensive service that includes transportation, stock service, management and delivery at the right time - the supply chain you were looking for.

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