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Reusable Social Masks

Reusable Social Masks
Once again we tried to adapt to the reality in which we ar No seguimento das condições de segurança que esta pandemia exige e que afetam todos nós, não só desenvolvemos, como disponibilizamos através da nossa equipa de sourcing,  variadas soluções de máscaras têxteis sociais, reutilizáveis certificadas, destinadas à utilização em contextos determinados pelas Autoridades de Saúde, em exercício da atividade profissional ou saídas autorizadas em períodos de confinamento, nomeadamente em espaços com múltiplas pessoas e nas mais diversas atividades. e living and present innovative solutions to the market, which meet the needs of our customers.
Following the security conditions that this pandemic requires and that affect all of us, we not only develop, but also make available through our sourcing team, different solutions of certified, reusable social textile masks, intended for use in contexts determined by the Health Authorities, in the exercise of your professional activity, namely in spaces with multiple people and in the most diverse activities.

We have alternatives, namely Level 2 and Level 3, models with differentiation in terms of ergonomics, image and personalization, always respecting compliance with the necessary standards and certifications; as well as we can develop bespoke masks, with a "turnkey" service, providing a consultancy service for the development of vertical solutions, dealing with design, looking for the best solutions on the market through a network of partners, until delivery, privileging exclusivity and personalization; Projects focused on the characteristics and image of each client.

Differentiating and practical solutions for the protection of each one in the application of the now necessary new respiratory labels, which force us to rethink this type of article as a piece of daily use, in times of global health risk and in order to guarantee greater safety of all professionals and customers.

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